Wednesday, June 26, 2013

"We are unstoppable! A fracking ban is possible!"

On June 17, my mom and I went to Albany to join a few thousand New Yorkers in a rally at the Statehouse to demand that Governor Cuomo say NO to fracking and YES to renewable energy.  It felt great to be in a sea of people who have the shared values & vision of a healthy Earth.

 I marched with my sign - 

 I sang along with Natalie Merchant -

 And I cheered so much for Sandra Steingraber that my throat hurt.

ROCK ON, New York.

EDITED to add....

And then I found this article, which knocked my socks off!  We activists are WINNING!  If ever you doubt the power of activism, read this!

"'I'm surprised the governor hasn't done anything yet, and I attribute that to the political organization of the anti-frackers,' [New York state Attorney General Eric] Schneiderman said Tuesday [...]  

'They have out-organized the oil and gas industry. That's impressive.'   

[...]  The anti-fracking coalition has been so strong, Schneiderman said, that gas drillers might not bother pursing hydrofracking in New York. 

'At this point it seems they've almost given up on New York,' Schneiderman said. 'They've got other places they can frack where it's less trouble. If you make enough of a nuisance of yourself, people will leave you alone.'"

Activism WORKS, friends.  Together we are strong!

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