Monday, March 18, 2013

Hear, hear, Sandra Steingraber - 

In the above article, Sandra again makes the important point that we cannot avoid toxins (or save the Earth) through our lifestyle changes and personal choices.  The problems are bigger than that.  While we're worrying about whether we remembered our reusable shopping bags or what ingredients are in our toothpaste, our beautiful land is being fracked.  I so appreciate and agree with her message here - stop worrying about sippy cups and shower curtains, and focus on green energy.

I'm watching the documentary "Gasland" right now, about fracking, and it's terrifying.  Fracking brings money, sure, but NO amount of money is worth the damages and dangers of fracking.  Fracking is the process of drilling vertically then horizontally into the ground/shale, fracturing the earth (e.g. creating a mini-earthquake), and pumping millions of gallons of water plus 500+ chemicals in, to extract the natural gas.  Problems this causes:

- Ground water is contaminated, which makes families' well water undrinkable and unusable.  Sometimes you can SET IT ON FIRE as it comes out of the tap.
- Air pollution is a result of the fracking chemicals and the hundreds of truck trips
- There's a loss of animal habitat
- There are methane explosions
- People who live in fracked areas have unexplained headaches, gastrointestinal problems, rashes, etc.
- Pets lose fur
- Farm animals lose fur, lose weight, die
- Acid rain is created

If you prefer a visual -

If you live in NY, please join the FB group  and please call Governor Cuomo and tell him to ban fracking!!!  866-584-6799

Fracking is a problem SO MUCH BIGGER than whether you recycled all of your plastic bottles or how long your shower is.  This affects us all.  The more land we Americans allow to be fracked, the more at risk we all are for numerous health problems, including cancer.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

What We Love, We Must Protect

I'm so excited to have purchased this Sandra Steingraber poster to put on my office wall.  (Check out the whole Americans Who Tell the Truth gallery - very inspiring!)

As Sandra says:

...That’s what love means. From the right to know and the duty to inquire flows the obligation to act."

 That snowy scene is the view from my driveway.  I'm so proud to live in Vermont, the first state to ban fracking.  Time for the rest of the country to follow suit, starting with New York!