Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm lovin being Tamoxifen-free!  It's now been 2 and a half months without it!  At first, I was solely focused on how happy I was to be free of the Tamoxifen side effects... but after a month or so, it dawned on me (although it's so obvious it shouldn't have been a surprise to me!) that while it was great that I wasn't experiencing the yucky side effects, I also wasn't getting any of the protective benefits of Tamoxifen.  Isn't that crazy??  That it took me a month to have that perspective on it??

I got a little nervous.  So I increased my anti-cancer supplements (or rather, made a better effort to take the full doses every day!), and also decided to double the amount of weekly exercise I'm getting.  I read somewhere on the web that while the CDC recommends a minimum of 2.5 hours of weekly exercise for adults, you need 5 hours per week for the exercise to truly have a cancer-risk-reduction effect.  Soooo, I bought a used Wii Fit. :)  It's lots of fun, and really there are no excuses for not exercising when it's right here in my living room.  I don't have to plan time to go to the gym, bring money, pack a workout bag, and blah blah... I can exercise in my living room in my PJs or office clothes or nothing at all, at any time of day or night, for no cost beyond the one-time purchase cost of the Wii!  And it tracks my progress for me!  

And a week after buying the Wii Fit, my partner and I brought home an even better form of exercise... we ADOPTED A DOG!  A dog who gets us walking around the neighborhood and woods for at least 60 minutes a day!  His name is Tayo and he's a total sweetie.  I highly recommend dog adoption to all cancer survivors (and people in general!) who are trying to exercise more.  A dog won't LET you procrastinate or wimp out of your daily workout... s/he needs a walk every day, even several times a day!  I can't even count how many times my partner and I, before we got a dog, would say, "We should go for a walk," and then just not do it.  I think it was easy to skip the walk because it felt too much like exercise.  Now, walking doesn't feel like a chore or some obligatory thing I do because this nagging voice tells me I "should"... walking is something I do to keep my lovable little dog happy and healthy, and the fact that it keeps me healthier, too, is a sweet bonus.