Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WTF, Universe?

Happy F’ing Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

I was just diagnosed with cancer AGAIN. Except this time it’s malignant melanoma. Every cancer survivor’s worst nightmare is being diagnosed with cancer again. What are the [bleep]ing chances that a healthy, 32-year old woman would be diagnosed with two separate types of cancers in a two-year span?

I will never again trust a doctor who says, “Oh, I’m sure it’s nothing, but we should biopsy it anyway.” I have never had the experience of having biopsy results come back normal. Granted, I’ve only had two biopsies, but both times, the doctors said they weren’t concerned, and both times, IT WAS [BLEEP]ING CANCER.

The melanoma is, thankfully, in situ/stage 0. That’s the very earliest it can be caught, and the only further treatment required is having a larger chunk of skin excised in the area where the mole was (my left lateral thigh, by the way).

I’m a bit speechless. TWO cancer diagnoses by age 32? WTF, universe?


  1. This is seriously f@#$#$! I'm glad it sounds like this one will be easier on you. And I'm having a kale smoothy for breakfast this morning. Partially in your honor and partially because the idea of 2 cancers in such a healthy person scared the poop out of me.

  2. thanks, dana... kale smoothie sounds intriguing...what do you put in it??