Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm back at trapeze!!! :)

I'm taking the beginner class, and it doesn't feel weird...I'm happy to be there. The cancer treatments definitely altered my body in some ways and affect/change my trapezing, and I have to adjust, but I can do this and I'm overjoyed. There are certain stretches that are difficult for me to do, since the left side of my chest and armpit is tight due to scar tissue and radiation, but there are other stretches that I'm surprised to still be able to do fairly well, despite not having done them in so long. I did have to leave one class half an hour early due to Tamoxifen side effects, and that was a bad night for me - I actually cried a little while walking down the stairs and back to my car, suddenly in such a "F you, cancer" mood.

But this week's class was better!

We did my ALL-TIME FAVORITE trick, the catcher's lock roll down. Sorry the quality of this photo is so bad, but it's the only one I have of this particular trick/position. And it's an old photo, from the 2nd (and only!) recital I did a few years ago. (I'm not really into performing! I just do this for the fun of it!) In the photo, I'm actually in a double catcher's lock (e.g. I rolled up twice), but this week I just rolled up once, to roll out of it. The roll out is super fast and super fun; it makes me giggle and shriek and feel so happy I want to hug the entire world. I did it again and again, not even noticing that I was getting golf-ball-sized, purple bruises on my arms!

My body's bruising quite a bit from trapeze, and I've had plenty of sore muscles to deal with, and some palm blisters, but all of that will calm down once my body adjusts to trapezing regularly again. Which it will! Already, my body remembers so many more movements on the trapeze than I expected, which is so exciting and such a relief. It feels SO GOOD to be back, and this is EXACTLY the "physical therapy" I needed!!!

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