Thursday, September 23, 2010

6-month check up with K

I haven't updated in nearly a MONTH. That's because my life has been so full and cancer is a thing of the past!

But today I had my 6-month check up with my surgeon. I was surprisingly nervous about it. Although I enjoy K as a person, I just was NOT looking forward to going back to the hospital, to talk about cancer, and have her feel my breasts to check for more cancer, and figure out a plan on how to be screened for cancer for the rest of my life. NO FUN!

Thankfully, the appointment went really well:

  • Breast exam was totally fine; my breasts are healthy and normal
  • K thinks my risk of recurrence is very low. She didn't argue with me about the mammography issue, which shocked me! She's fine with me instead having an MRI every year or even every other year!
  • I don't have to have another check-up with K until the SUMMER!
  • Since we didn't spend the appointment engaged in a mammography discussion (which is what I had expected), we instead got to spend the rest of it chatting and laughing about her dog and random stuff. So much better than talking about cancer!