Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oncology Appt

I had a great visit with my oncologist on Friday! The best yet! My last appt with her was 2 months ago, and as you may recall, I cried through nearly the whole thing because I was so scared of the Tamoxifen I was about to start taking. I was crying too much to even have a rational conversation.

This time, I was happy and felt great. M tentatively asked how it's going with the Tamoxifen, and had a smile just as big as mine when I reported that I haven't had any problems with it at all - no side effects! No hot flashes, no weird mood stuff, no pain, no nothing! She told me, "That's the best news I've heard all day!", and I was happy to be able to give happy news! And she calmed my one worry, which had been that a lack of side effects indicated that I wasn't metabolizing the Tamoxifen. She assured me that I am, especially when I told her about how my last period was different than it usually is - that's enough of a sign that the Tamoxifen's having an effect on me. I am so thrilled that the Tamoxifen is working, WITHOUT me having to experience horrible side effects.

It was a happy visit. So nice to be chatting and laughing instead of crying. Then M had to examine me - throat, heart, lungs, poke at my armpits, do a breast exam - and she said everything was healthy and great. SOOOOOO happy! And I don't have to go back till January!

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