Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

I went to the dentist today, to have that temporary crown cemented on FOR THE THIRD TIME, dammit, and to get 2 fillings.

It was not pleasant. But I had them take a picture of me before they started, because I was cracking up at the set-up - they gave me a blanket for my legs because the A/C was cold, a cushy roll for behind my knees, a neck pillow, a protective bib, and purple sunglasses.

I can't decide which was worse, the novacaine and drilling, or my dentist's repeated attempts at a Cancer Conversation. He's a very nice guy and he means well, but really, I am so sick of not only having to go to so many doctor appointments in the first place (I'm being monitored or treated by a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, surgeon, naturopath, psychotherapist, chiropractor, primary care physician, and dentist), but of having to talk about cancer with each and every one of them, whether cancer is my reason for the appointment or not. It gets so tedious.

This is what made me feel better while I was tired and woozy and dizzy from the novacaine:

And yes, I put on GOBS AND GOBS of sunblock...I looked like a demented clown!


  1. Hey Britta, I found you following my little church blog, and went to your blog and was so sad about your BC diagnosis, glad to hear that treatment is positive, and so amazed by the wonderful details about your life that appeared here and there. Trapeze!
    Sending love and hugs!

  2. Hi Myke!! When I first found your blog, I tried to comment/say hi, but it wouldn't let me leave a comment. But I'm enjoying reading your blog, and sometimes I read your sermons, too. :) I'm glad you found me here! Love and hugs to you, too! XOXO