Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mocha :)

You know how I gave up sugar in January? The cravings stopped after a couple of weeks, and now it's been 5 months and I really and truly do not miss all of the cookies, sundaes, brownies, sugar-y drinks, pie, etc. But the hardest thing for me to give up was my mochas... so I decided to allow myself two mochas per year: one on the day of the Strolling of the Heifers parade (which also happens to be the anniversary of when I had my first mocha ever), and one in January, for my birthday.

TODAY WAS THE DAY! The first mocha I'd had in 5 months! S and I went to Coffee Country at 8 am, and I giddily ordered my double iced mocha with whipped cream.

It was so beautiful and amazing, the most delicious mocha ever. I spent a good 40 minutes drinking it, savoring every sip. So heavenly. I'd been looking forward to this mocha for weeks...the anticipation made it even better.

And I'm happily surprised to discover that I'm not even craving another. I thoroughly enjoyed the one I had, but now I'm looking forward to how amazing my 2nd annual mocha is going to taste in January, when I've waited 7 months for it!

I was worried that the person making my mocha today would be a newly-hired employee in training, and it wouldn't taste right... but thankfully, my mocha was made by the owner of Coffee Country herself, and she makes damn good mochas. I thanked her at least 3 times and explained that it was my first mocha since January, and she smiled, but still, I don't think she understood the enormity of the event to me.

I'm so grateful. Isn't it so beautiful? Look how it glows in the sunbeam -


  1. Soooo glad it was made right, and delicious! Love the photo of you and little R yesterday too!

  2. yum.

    i had a mocha on the way home and it gave me a terrible stomachache. i still love mocha's though...