Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The other day, I think I mistakenly gave an acquaintance the impression I'm dying.

The parade was about to start in a few minutes, so we were both kind of rushing around trying to get ready for it, and stopped very briefly to do the whole "Hi, how are you" thing. She asked what's next for treatment, and I told her I'm starting Tamoxifen soon, which I'm really not looking forward to. Then I think she asked if there are bad side effects, and I said something like, "Yeah, and the prescription is for FIVE YEARS... I doubt I'll last that long!!" I totally meant "I doubt I'll be able to handle taking the Tamoxifen for that long and will stop taking it before the 5 years is up," but I worded it ALL wrong because we were in a rush and she must have thought I meant that I'm expecting to be dead in 5 years, because she immediately gave me the biggest hug. Oh noooo! I hastily added some random babble about "No, no, my prognosis is great!" but I don't think that made sense either and we both had to rush off anyway.

Now I'm feeling like a jerk for unintentionally making someone think I'm dying!!! Reality is, I am soooo healthy and full of life right now and Tamoxifen or NO Tamoxifen, I'm not going to DIE from breast cancer.

Ironically, I unthinkingly wore this T-shirt later in the day -

To me it's sort of a statement against the cancer - I love how the words go RIGHT across my breasts. :)

Now I'm wondering, should I email this woman to clear up the miscommunication and assure her I'm not dying?!? I don't want her to think I am! But actually emailing her about it seems even more awkward and weird! "Hi, I'm sorry, I'm really not dying!" Oh, geez...

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