Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I just bought a can of wild caught, all natural, on sale SARDINES. Dr. David says they're very anti-cancer, and the least polluted of fish because they're so small. They are full of omega-3, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, protein, B12, selenium, and vitamin D.

AND THEY ARE FREAKIN DISGUSTING. Okay, so I haven't tried one yet. But I OPENED THE CAN! People EAT these?! Do you have to...like...skin them or something first?? The package says they are "delicious meaty portions cleaned and scaled." Do you not have to cook sardines that come in a can? They're already cooked? There are no cooking instructions on the package, so you really just PICK ONE UP AND EAT IT??

I have to Google "eating sardines," apparently. Have any of you eaten a sardine? What's it like? Oh, geez. The stupid can doesn't close now that I've opened it, so I have to eat these things before they stink up the house. Right now the can is sitting on a shelf near the computer. I'm just looking at it. From a distance.

UPDATE: Okay, now it's the following afternoon. After lots of reading about sardines via Google last night, and staring skeptically at the sardines, I did try them!! I discovered that while they taste really good to me - similar to tuna, maybe a little saltier - the look and feel is what grosses me out. The blotchy browns and grays, the weird stringy things inside if you pick at them too much, the itty bitty SPINES, ugh... But they are so freakin healthy I want to like them and eat them! I got some great advice and tips from my Facebook friends on how to make them more appetizing, and, SUCCESS! I just had a delicious lunch of a sardine sandwich on whole wheat sourdough bread. I mashed the sardines up with Goddess dressing (contains turmeric and black pepper - also very anti-cancer) and nutritional yeast, and pretended like it was a tuna sandwich, and it was awesome.

I'm now officially recommending sardines. :)


  1. It is SO hard to imagine you eating sardines! I can't even imagine myself eating them ... but I've read all that good stuff too. I used to have an "uncle" -- a good friend of my parents' -- who slapped sardines on crackers and ate them with great gusto and delight, which always totally grossed me out as a kid. Maybe I'll have to try them myself now too ;-).


  2. OMG- ok i am laughing at you a little bit imagining you attempting to eat a can of sardines. You, a vegetarian. Please excuse my amusement at this :) Even i, who eats tuna straight from the can because it's "a good source of protein," can NOT eat sardines.

    My dad used to eat them sometimes. And the polish guy i used to work with would eat them for breakfast sometimes. GUH. *shudder*

    Now don't get me wrong, i LIKE fish, but sardines are just too fishy. Too oily. Etc.

    But the deal is: they ARE cooked, and you ARE supposed to eat them straight out of the can. And yes you do eat whatever skin is on them. If you can bring yourself to do that. Personally, i recommend using them as bait to catch bigger, better tasting fish...

    One gross fish i will consume is anchovies though. Anchovies on pizza... are really actually kind of good! And anchovy paste is the secret ingredient that makes lots of other foods taste really really good. Caesar dressing? would be nothing without the anchovy paste. That weird taste in italian cooking that you can never quite put your finger on??? Anchovy paste. And in the case of anchovies you eat the WHOLE thing, including the bones, which is why they are a good source of calcium (but the bones are so small they're like hairs. You don't even feel them.)

    So how grossed out are you now?

  3. mom, i think you should try sardines, too!! :)

    lol, steph!! i know it's funny. and i guess i can't call myself a vegetarian anymore... i eat seafood now. for a few months now, i've been eating salmon, tuna, shrimp, and now, sardines! the ones i got came in spring water, no oil, so that helped.

    anchovies, wow... it's those little "hairs" that give me the heebie jeebies. but maybe i could try using anchovy paste in stuff, because like you said, i'm sure i've had it and enjoyed it without even knowing it!

  4. Anchovies are the secret pixie dust to all excellent food. And if your pizza place hears "anchovies" instead of "artichokes", never fear. It's actually not bad. (i panicked. then, i ate a slice because i was starving and had nothing else. and... it was ok!!!)

    Personally my weight and strength and overall health was worse on the vegetarian diet i was eating a while back. I lost all my weight when i started eating meat again. In theory, I would like to eat a vegetarian diet, because i love and appreciate all animals and want to live a nonviolent lifestyle, BUT- without dairy and with minimal soy i had a hard time doing it. I still LOVE vegetarian food, and i eat it all the time, but given the amount of training i've been doing and also the diet changes i've made over the past year... i NEEDED more lean protein in my diet. My body was CRAVING it. A vegetarian/vegan lifestyle might be fine for an average person, but not one that's pushing themselves to get stronger constantly.

    I don't like factory farming. I don't like animals that are force fed, dosed with antibiotics and growth hormones, etc. I don't like animals that are debeaked and etc. But- humans are omnivores. Lots of animals are. I don't think it's wrong for animals to eat other animals if they need to.

    I just hope that the organic "free range" crap that i buy really is kinder to the animals while they're alive. *sigh* Product labelling is so flaky...