Wednesday, June 2, 2010

CRT results

Today I had an appt with a doctor at the multidisciplinary holistic health clinic to go over the results of my CRTs (thermograms), one before radiation and one during. These thermograms tested 80 different points on my body from the waist up, to provide a picture of my overall health.

In a nutshell: MY BODY IS AWESOME!!! :)

I'm still waiting for them to provide me with a written interpretation of the results, because right now I only have the printout of the report, which says things like "CI 3.9" (I made that up), and this doctor tells me, "That's really good!!", but that's not helpful if I've already forgotten what the CI stands for or what the 3.9 is on a scale of, you know??

Anyway, what she told me, basically, is that nearly all of the tested parts of my body are functioning very well. My gut/digestive system ("deep immunity") is great, although my lymphatic system ("surface immunity") was stressed during radiation. That's not really a bad thing - it was not shut down or malfunctioning, it was simply working really hard and thus needs a boost, which makes SENSE, given the context. My body's vitality and "chaos index" (i.e. ability to respond appropriately to stressors) are great. I don't fully understand this part, but something else the CRT tested is "tumor terrain" (?), something about checking for areas where you may be in danger of abnormal cell growth, and my scores were GOOD in both thermograms! I'm in the normal/healthy range! The functioning of my breasts was good, too, and there was only a SLIGHT difference (drop) during radiation!

Apparently, when my naturopath first saw the comparison between the two thermograms and saw that much of my body was in "hyperdrive" at the time of the second CRT (during radiation), she got a bit worried...but she told me she doesn't have much experience interpreting CRTs, and that's why I had a separate appt with another doctor today, who DOES have experience with CRT interpretation. And her explanation was that yes, my body was working extra hard to deal with the unexpected assault of radiation, but in a GOOD way - an organized and appropriate way, as opposed to just shutting down or getting confused.

LOL, I'm very inarticulate about it all and don't know the correct terms for everything, but you get the gist! I'm trying to think of an analogy. Okay. If you're running around a track and suddenly there's a hurdle in front of you, you JUMP OVER IT and keep running. Jumping over the hurdle takes work but it's the correct response. WRONG response would be to, say, stop running, lie down on the track and cry... or to hop around the hurdle on one foot three and a half times while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

What the CRT showed was that, hell yeah, radiation was a hurdle for my body and responding to it took a lot of work, but my healthy body DID jump over that hurdle and keep on running. It did not lie down and cry, nor did it freak out and go apeshit!

I LLLOOOOVVEE my super smart, hard-working, healthy body! My body knows what it's doing! And I'm gonna keep sending it love and feeding it healthy things and moving it in ways that it likes and giving it all the rest it needs so it can JUST KEEP DOING ITS THING!!


  1. Good good good good good ... you're doing great!!!

  2. What an awesome post!!!! So happy to read this. Your body ROCKS. And so do you!! xo- T