Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I F'ing Give Up

You know that tooth I just got crowned less than a month ago? IT JUST CRACKED. I'm 31 years old and have had 5 root canals and an extraction, and now this tooth just cracked for the third time in a year. I f'ing give up. I brush, floss, use xylitol, sleep with a mouth guard, and stopped eating sugar 4 months ago. I don't know what more to do than stop chewing food. How the F else can I make my teeth last for the several decades that they are supposed to? I'm THIRTY ONE FREAKIN YEARS OLD. I'm just going to eat things like hummus, yogurt, applesauce, soup, refried beans, and smoothies from here on out. No more chewing. This is insane.

Last year when my tooth cracked and I went for 3 or 4 weeks without eating solid food (e.g. used my immersion blender on all of the foods I ate), I unintentionally lost over 10 pounds and that's not good. I'm a healthy weight now and will be underweight if I lose, and I don't want or need to lose weight. I need to have a plan for how to do this better than last time. Any ideas? I am looking for foods that do not need to be chewed, and don't have sugar, meat, soy, artificial ingredients, or a lot of processing. And they also need to have enough protein and fat to help me maintain a healthy weight.

My list so far:

Fruits & Veg: applesauce, mashed avocados, mashed bananas, smoothies, mashed sweet potatoes, those Indian sauces/veggies/meals in a box
Protein: refried beans, hummus (?? does this have protein?), yogurt, PB, scrambled eggs, some kind of salmon that's really soft?
Grains: oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat...?
Etc: chia seeds added to things provide lots of nutrients, coconut oil adds fat, soup combines everything, nettles and chickweed tea are full of nutrients...

What else is there? How do I do this?


  1. are you getting enough calcium??? Are you practicing proper teeth cleaning??? Not doing either of these can lead to poor oral health.

    Also, you might want to ask your dentist if he/she sees signs of grinding! I have broken more than one tooth from stress-created grinding. The answer to this is simple - wear a mouthguard at night (which is not as bad as it sounds! It took about 4 days to get used to and now it feels wierd without it).

    Just thought I would offer other options instead of you reverting to nothing but homeade babyfood for nutrients!


  2. thanks, erin...xoxo
    i've been wearing a mouth guard for years. actually, part of the problem is that i need a new one - i've chewed holes through it. :(
    and yes, i brush, floss, brush my back teeth with a smaller brush, clean my tongue, use xylitol toothpaste, stopped eating sugar 4 months ago, etc., etc.

  3. The stats on grinding are mindboggling ... the amount of pressure that's exerted on teeth makes it hard to imagine that they don't ALL crack. And teeth that have previously been drilled and filled are much more susceptible to damage caused by grinding. You've been through so much stress lately ... and if there's holes in your night guard, some tooth surfaces are coming into contact with each other without any cushioning. Even one of those drugstore nightguards would be better right now.

    Is it the crown that's cracked, or the tooth underneath? If it's the crown, the dentist should fix it ... I know another long trip to the Cape is a pain, but less than a month is not acceptable! That would be a good time, too, to have new molds made for a new proper night guard. Was this the temporary crown? -- that would mean it was made of materials not as strong as a permanent crown.

    In the meantime, cream-of-anything soups might be good ... protein and fat and good veggies in them, add some brown rice ... if you can come for supper, I can cook!


  4. OMG- holes in your mouthguard? you are as bad as i am! I grind like crazy :).

    i second the calcium suggestion.

    and also- xylitol toothpaste? Does it have fluoride in it? I know a lot of people are turned off by fluoride but it's REALLY the only thing that keeps your teeth strong. I used natural toothpastes for years and i loved them- but then i went to the dentist and had tons of tartar and TONS of cavities! TONS! like 35 or something- to the tune of $3000!!! It was misery.

    So, i ended up switching to a tartar control/strengthening toothpaste (Crest pro-health), and using a strengthening mouthwash (ACT, there are others too.) and it took ages but FINALLY, i have had two consecutive visits to the dentist without any cavities! It is a damn miracle.

    So, it is a bummer that i had to give up my tea-tree and natural clay-and-peppermint oil toothpastes and go with the weird artifically flavored crest crap... BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT! Seriously. I love my natural healthcare products, but i cringe whenever i see someone using the natural toothpastes...

  5. hi Britta
    oh my god that is so frustrating!! i wish i had some good suggestions for you, but i am a carb fiend so it is hard to know what will help.
    I do like the Brat Food Coops protein powder Whey supplement in vanilla. It is a way to get a lot of protein by putting it in a smoothie... Might be too sugary for you, but hopefully not.
    Teeth aside, I'm so happy to hear your energy is back up and you're feeling better! Don't work too hard and enjoy the spring sunshine! we'd love to have you over for tea and healthy snacks sometime.

  6. update: i have an appt with my dentist on tuesday, for a new mouth guard and probably a new crown - don't know yet what his plan is for fixing this tooth!

    Steph, i just may have to give up on the natural dental stuff and go the whole chemicals-and-flouride route, because clearly the natural stuff i've been doing isn't working...grrr.

    thanks, mom. i'd love some of your soup.

    thanks, diana!! i will check out that protein powder from the co op. i'm drinking a nut shake right now. :) hope you are enjoying this sunshine, too!

  7. Britta-

    if you want protein powder- spirutein is GOOD. Ok, this of course is coming from someone who hasn't had a milkshake in 15 years, but zomg... IT IS NOT BAD AT ALL. But does not mix as easily as they would have you think. Make sure you put it in a container you can shake the heck out of. And i mix mine with ricemilk (so as to not overdo the soy.) The only crappy flavor i've found so far is the Cappuccino. The vanilla is good, but be warned... it's greenish due to the spirulina :)

    The main reason why i started using "natural" toothpastes is because i liked the flavors more. Some normal ones are just TOO burny. Like, the ones with Scope in them, the baking soda ones, the super breath freshening ones... yeow. Or they're made with saccharin or aspartame... gross. Dur, i want my mouth to feel CLEAN not like candy! So i loved the flavor of Tom's of maine spearmint, and then i branched out to the fluoride free ones. BUT, again- then look at what happened to my teeth!

    So alas, i went back to regualar. As a matter of fact, my dentist had me on this super-icky prescription toothpaste with mega-fluoride in it (which i hated. It tasted nasty.) Then, i went out and scoured the shelves for the toothpaste with the MOST fluoride possible. Trust me, none of the OTC ones come close to the prescription stuff they had me using!!! So far, the best one i've found is the Crest Pro-health.

    And also- tartar control is important as well. I used to shy away from those because i had lots of sensitive spots and i thought the grittiness would hurt more... NOT TRUE! You need that extra abrasiveness to get the tartar off, and the fluoride will help with the sensitivity. And if you are a tooth-grinder- i'm sure you have sensitive spots! Use the crest pro-health for a while and you WILL notice a difference!

    I think the whole natural/chemical free lifestyle is GREAT. But, some medical breakthroughs are good for you... for a reason. You've got to weigh the good with the bad. I love my natural soaps/shampoos/deo's/ etc. But think about it- our ancestors teeth rotted out at a much younger age than ours now. I still think chemistry/modern medicine has it's place, but everything in moderation of course :). And i think natural dental products would be GREAT if you have a good genetic history of GREAT TEETH in your family. But- genetics plays a huge role in your teeth. My mom has crappy teeth, my dad has dentures... so alas, i think if i want to have my teeth when i'm 50, i ought to use the fluoride...

  8. I also use Crest Pro since I no longer have dental insurance and I agree - flouride is so important. If you want to try staying natural but still get some flouride - Tom's of Maine for Kids in strawberry has flouride (or it did last time I checked).

    I'm so glad to hear that you have a dental appointment!