Friday, May 28, 2010


I got a haircut today. It was very freeing! I did it to donate my hair to Matter of Trust, the organization that uses human and pet hair to make mats and booms that help clean up the oil spill. I've been feeling so grief-stricken and helpless in response to the oil spill, and was glad to discover that I could at least donate my hair.

I've never had hair this short before. I gave the stylist free reign to do whatever she wanted with my hair, with my only criteria being that I wanted to donate as much hair as possible without looking like I'd been through chemo. :) While she was cutting my hair, I sent love and metta to the dolphins, whales, seaweed, shrimp, plankton, sharks, turtles, manatees, lobsters, scallops, horseshoe crabs, sand crabs, mussels, swordfish, coral reefs...


  1. Wow! I LOVE it! You look wonderful!!! Hope it's nice and easy to care for ... what a great look for you!

  2. thanks, mom!! :) yeah, i'm looking forward to taking a shower in the morning and having it be super quick and easy!!

  3. oh gosh - and the shock of washing and running your hands though will feel so wonderful! I love haircuts for that very reason!!!!


  4. YES! gonna do the same thing myself this week. i had been planning on a new haircut, you reminded me about the oil thing :)

    and yes- i love the new haircut feeling. and accidently using googobs of shampoo the first time :)