Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Good Day

Okay, on to happier things!! Today was a really, really good day.

I slept in, then had a yummy breakfast of cottage cheese, Green Goddess juice/smoothie, and coffee, while watching an episode of Gray's Anatomy.

I put on my happy, rainbow-striped tank top and shorts, because it was EIGHTY DEGREES AND SUNNY :D, and went downtown.

I had a wonderfully productive therapy session.

I went to the post office, and found a nice paycheck in my box.

When I came out of the post office, there was my good friend B, right there on the sidewalk, whom I hadn't hang out with in over two months and had missed so much. And it turns out her afternoon work was canceled, so we'd have time to hang out! My friend A waved to me from down the sidewalk while B and I were walking.

I got some great exercise walking all around town doing errands. I sold another stack of DVDs to the used DVD store, enough to pay for another month and a half of Netflix.

I went to the Co op and got a delicious nut shake for lunch (hazelnuts, banana, maple syrup, rice milk), and ran into friends to chat with.

I got back to my car only one minute after my parking expired and had no ticket on the windshield, whew!

I went home and did some work on the meeting minutes, which went surprisingly well.

I walked back downtown, and spent the walk chatting on the phone with a family I used to work with and hadn't seen for a while, to see how they're doing and they sounded great and told me all about the funny circus show they went to yesterday.

Also while walking, I left a voicemail for my friend SS, in an attempt to make plans to hang out soon.

I met B at Coffee Country and we had yummy iced coffee drinks and sat at a table outside and caught up on everything! We saw and waved to our friend D and her daughter R as they passed by.

B walked me partway home then continued on down the street to the circus school, while I dashed home to throw on a unitard. Then I went to the circus school, too. There were so many friendly faces to say hello to.

I had a wonderful time in the 90-min trapeze class that B and SR taught! It was a small class, fun and low-key. I noticed differences in my body (e.g. my left chest and armpit feel really tight, because of scar tissue and radiation), but going back to trapeze wasn't difficult like I had worried it would be and my body felt really good back on the bar.

I came home, and had a great chat with C (my friend/housemate!) while cooking my dinner. I made well-boiled/mushed broccoli and mixed it with cream of rice cereal, goat cheese, and coconut oil, which gave me a meal that my teeth could handle AND included vegetables, grains, fat, and protein, all at once.

I watched another episode of Gray's Anatomy while eating my dinner, which was surprisingly tasty, and a square of 85% dark chocolate.

Now I will try and take my melatonin and go to sleep before midnight, so I can wake up early for the Airport Advisory Committee meeting that I'm the minute-taker for.

And I will have happy dreams, at the end of this happy day. :) Today was a perfect blend of everything - social time, alone time, exercise, outdoor time (gorgeous weather!), self-care (therapy), nourishing food, a little bit of work, and a true sense of community. I love it that I not only spent planned time with friends, but bumped into so many other friends while out and about downtown. That's why I love living here - there are friends around every corner. I used to think that community like this only existed on TV shows!

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic day, Britta!! I hope you have many more like it. Sending you love!!! xoxo Margot