Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zap Zap Zap ZZzzzz

So, I haven't actually written about radiation in a while, have I.

I'll tell you what it's like now -

Today was number TWENTY-FIVE! I only have EIGHT left!! The fatigue has really kicked in. I now feel heavy with exhaustion starting at about 8 pm. It gets hard to form sentences, and I feel like things take me 3 times as long as they should, and I feel like I'm underwater or something. It's a different kind of fatigue than I'm used to. I find myself attempting to write emails and instead just sitting here, staring blankly at the monitor, wishing so much that my thoughts would magically appear on the screen so that my fingers didn't have to expend the necessary energy to type them. It's pretty pathetic! I'm clumsy lately, dropping things all the time, like my pedometer, which I broke. I left my umbrella somewhere downtown, which is so not like me. I have to make myself really specific lists, otherwise I forget stuff.

Last night, I slept for ELEVEN HOURS, in a cashmere sweater because that's what feels best on my burnt skin right now. My skin's doing okay, overall. I think it looks pretty icky, but the nurse said last week that it actually looks much better than others' breasts at this far along in treatment, so... whatever.

Right now I'm doing that thing where I stare at the monitor hoping for my thoughts to magically appear. Because my fingers are having a hard time typing my thoughts, and they're rapidly dissolving from my sleepy brain anyway.

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  1. burnt skin? Ugh. Is it like a sunburn, or worse?

    On the dogs i've seen with radiation, they certainly look very pink in the area... like the skin would be very sensitive and thin and borderline weepy...

    Only eight more? that's... one week plus three days! OMG YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!!! :)