Friday, April 23, 2010


Have you heard? The Susan G. Komen Foundation is partnering with KFC - KFC is selling pink buckets of carcinogenic chicken to raise money for breast cancer research. APPALLING. Here's the June 2009 newsletter of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, about the carcinogenic substances found in KFC's grilled chicken, which KFC is currently being sued over.

Breast Cancer Action
(BCA) has started a letter-writing campaign to KFC and Komen to protest this, demanding that Komen only partner with companies that do not manufacture products that contribute to cancer. (Um, DUH?? I can't believe Komen even needs to be ASKED that!!) Here is the pre-written letter you can add your name to. It's super quick - please sign!! I edited/added to the letter to give KFC and Komen my own thoughts; I'm really on a rampage with this one. I don't know why this, in particular - when there is SO much stupidity and injustice in the world everywhere you turn - has me so riled up, but it does. I told both KFC and Komen that I'm girlcotting them, but it's not like I ever went to KFC anyway. I'm at home eating my local, organic broccoli. KFC claiming that by selling fatty, hormone-filled, carcinogenic chicken breasts they are helping save MY breasts pisses me off.

As BCA points out, this partnership is doing way more for KFC's bottom line than Komen's. And it is appallingly hypocritical of Komen to claim to be trying to end the breast cancer epidemic by partnering with a company that contributes to it.


  1. Ugh- yeah, this probably is the bottom-of-the-barrel of "pink" breast cancer items. And it's making a lot of people angry, not just us. Even Joe knew about it and thought it was pretty ridiculous (he knew before me, in fact!)

    Besides all the obvious reasons (carcinogens! Unhealthy product!) its also just REALLY FREAKING TACKY. What's next? Pink Cigarettes?

    *rolls eyes*

  2. What the...? Wow. Thanks for bringing that to our attention Britta. I can't imagine what possessed her to okay this idea. Very poor decision making. But.... as a result of the controversy it will raise more awareness about the hazards of eating KFC.

    Love you