Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planning Ahead

This is a crazy thing to be saying in April, but - I WANT TO RETURN TO SKIING! I skiied regularly from age 6 all the way through college. Then I stopped, because once my student discount was gone, I couldn't afford the lift tickets. But when I was packing/moving recently, I came across my little ski medal (bronze, junior race, Bretton Woods) and I started reminiscing about how much I really loved skiing. And I realized I miss it a lot. I HATE HATE HATE snow and winter, as many of you know, but I was thinking... back when I was a skiier, I didn't hate winter this much. Maybe I only hate winter/snow because I don't have an enjoyable winter activity anymore, and swooshing down the slopes again would improve my relationship with winter!

Sadly, my ski equipment is currently collecting dust in my parents' attic. One ski boot is full of mouse poop. But I will clean everything up for the next ski season!!


  1. OH... WOOOOORD!!!!!!!

    I used to ski all the time. I even have remotely new equipment (2007?). However- Back in fall of '07 i had enough money for either a season pass to Catamount, or a session of trapeze lessons...

    Can you guess which one i picked? I haven't been skiing since. I really ought to go. If i had someone prodding me to go, someone to go with all the time, i'd do it.

    also you need to be fairly crazy. Like Mad River Glen crazy. Jay Peak Face Chutes crazy. Cannon Mt. in an ice storm crazy. I'm sure i'm WAY rusty now (and i've never actually done the aforementioned face chutes) but i was hardcore in my prime.

    We have like 9 months to plan.

  2. I'm so glad to hear this!!! Perhaps we can get together and ski. I love winter because of skiing!!! Cannon has great rates for passes during certain times of the year and its a great mountain :)


  3. I really think skiing is the answer too! And I didn't know you had MEDALS, that's awesome.

    I also really like the poetry of "One ski boot is full of mouse poop".

  4. Great plan! Count me in! :)
    I'm a lapsed skier, too!!

  5. OMG- someone else likes cannon? YOU ARE BADASS.

    I hear so much bitching from people at "nicer" mountains about stuff that is the norm at cannon- "cold wind", "it's too icy today", wah wah wahhh.

    They don't know NOTHING. Cannon is a challenge! But that is the best part. Plus, the fluffy powder days make for a special treat. And i love having the tram come silently out of the clouds at me ("mustard" or "ketchup") and having the people wave, and waving back...

    One of these days i will check out mittersill as well. I'm ballsy enough, i'm just not sure if i'm into all that hiking in ski boots.