Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not enough hours in the day!!

Okay, maybe 10:30 pm when I'm ridiculously tired is a bad time to be writing this post,BUT... I've been thinking. I feel so overwhelmed by all of the different things I'm trying to do for my health, like there just isn't enough time in the day to do all of this stuff AND HAVE A LIFE BEYOND IT! Every day, I am "supposed" to take about 15 supplements, brush my teeth, floss, clean my recently-crowned tooth with baking soda, use a smaller toothbrush to clean around my wisdom teeth where my regular toothbrush can't reach, clean and wear my mouthguard at night to protect my teeth when I grind them, do these jaw massage exercises to re-align my bite, do ear pulls to help my ears un-block, grind flax seeds and put them in my food, go to radiation, shower, put aloe on my breast 3-5 times per day, put sunblock on, walk/exercise for at least 30 mins, cook and eat vegetables, meditate, sleep at least 8 hours (more like 9-10 right now). Semi-regularly, I'm supposed to use a neti pot, gargle with herbal tea (for my enlarged tonsils), get chiropractic adjustments, meet with my oncologist, meet with my naturopath, go to therapy, pee in a cup, get blood drawn, etc., and tomorrow I'm getting another thermogram.

It feels like TOO MUCH!! I don't how HOW to fit it all in, when I'm also trying to be a normal person and do things like work, complete the typical errands that we all have (bank, post office, etc), keep my living space semi-clean, spend time with friends, etc. It feels like taking care of my body is a full-time job! Sorry, no, I can't go see a movie with you, because after I sleep for 11 hours, I'll be busy gargling and flossing and swallowing pills and rubbing various substances into my skin and steaming vegetables and pulling on my ears and reading cancer books and massaging the stress out of my jaw and then rushing off to radiation so I can come home and nap again and have nightmares that my therapist will want to hear about in an hour after I get my chiropractic adjustment while eating the rest of my kale during the drive over, thankyouverymuch!

RRRAWWRRRRR!! Fsadhfkdhaskf;awieurhufa;hsa;

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  1. i so deeply relate to this. my list is very similar (down to the jaw stretches i should be doing for my TMJ pain).
    can you grind flax seeds just once a week or even once a month and store them in the fridge or freezer? that's what i do.
    needing extra sleep really makes everything so much harder, too. having FEWER waking hours in the day is not what we need!
    but i am really glad that you DO have a chiro and a naturopath and a therapist who can all help you. have you asked any of them to help your prioritize the self-care?