Saturday, March 27, 2010


I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

First, K tells me she thinks getting a dog would be good for me.
I told my mom, and she said, "That's funny, I was thinking the same thing!"
A few days later, I turn on the radio in the car and the first thing I hear is a woman on NPR gushing about how patting a dog releases oxytocin and the therapeutic value of dogs.
A few days later, I was watching a Q&A session with Dr. David Servan-Schrieber (Anticancer author), and someone asked about exercising reducing one's cancer risk, and his reply was, "The best way to get 30 minutes per day of exercise - get a dog!"
Then when I had to have 4 vials of blood drawn at the oncologist's office, E distracted me by telling me funny stories about this bull mastiff dog that she knows.
And my brother and sis-in-law just got a dog.
And now I'm dogsitting for two weeks.

Wow, ya think I should GET A DOG?!? Too bad my life is not at ALL set up for that right now, since I am in between apartments and all. But maybe once I am settled somewhere. In the meantime, I'm having fun taking those "What Type of Dog is Best for You?" quizzes on the Internet. :)


  1. omg- did you find out what kind of dog is best for you?

    There is also a quiz to see what kind of dog YOU ARE. I'm a border terrier...

    My advice is to stay small. I mean, i love big dogs too, but it is a whole lot easier finding an apt with a small dog. Plus, they are cheaper to feed and care for (i had no idea how much dog food was costing me until i went from a 65lb dog to a 20lb dog! Medications cost more too for big dogs!)

    This doesn't of course mean that you need to get a foo foo dog... there are lots of dogs under 30lbs that are awesome. Might i recommend a boston terrier? I'm not biased or anything... (i can hook you up with the New England rescue though.)

  2. yes yes yes yes yes yes.

    Dogs are awesome. My Sheltie has been my best friend since I was 16! The sweetest, most attentive dog ever. Super smart, I even trained him to bring me the remote! hahaha. His main goal in life is to make me happy, and he's really really great at it!! :oD

  3. i looked at the title of this post and saw "WOLF." when you have your own apt once again, worth considering! wolves are *amazing* to hang out with...i had many opportunities in Santa Fe. also...Corgis! their empathy to humans is off the charts! i will never forget a certain corgi that kept running away to our farm when i was growing up! we all became so attached! xoxo Cathryn

  4. you already have a puppy. her name is Maru.

  5. I'm with Andee. NONONONONONONONONO. Did I mention NO?! However, should you decide to go forward, Shayla is right--shelties=best dog ever! I'm not going into all the reason why NOT to get a dog, since there are so many people telling you why to do it. If you want the ten million and one reasons that I have not to do it, then feel free to ask. But may I please just add one thing? You get more exercise by being on that trapeze than anything else! Which reminds me: Just recently, I was grunting through a workout, and I made a joke to someone as I was huffing through my reps of 12 pushups about how "my friend's goal was to do 100 pushups this year! Damn!" Then I though to myself, "that friend is going through cancer treatment........and yet she can do all those? and I can't do this? I'm sooooo lame." So I got more motivated:-) I'm actually getting better at them. MEaning I can do 12 in a row without dying. On my knees. Okay, SO off topic. But funny. Love you!

  6. zoe zoe zoe. :) you can give me your top 5 reasons for not getting a dog!! i'm not totally convinced i need one. my main hesitancy is that i don't want to be solely responsible for a living being that needs care every single day. cats are semi-independent in the sense that you can go away for a night or two by leaving the cat with a giant bowl of food and water and a freshly-cleaned litter box and they're FINE when you get back. dogs = needier!! i did a google search for "low-maintenence dog breeds" and the first hit was an article asking, "are you sure you really want a dog?" HAHA!

    and noooo, i never made it to 100 push-ups! :) sometime during the past 6 months, but i forget when, i did 45 pull-ups in one day, 3 days in one week, but that was totally pushing it - i strained some ab muscle and stopped!! it's really weird to me that i can do LESS pull-ups and push-ups now that the cancer is out of me, than i was able to do when there were 4.5 cm of undetected cancer in me. i know the loss of strength is temporary, and i'll regain it once radiation is over and i have more time and energy to get back to training... but right now it's just making me mad...

    anyway. i love you, too!! keep doin those push-ups! :)

  7. I have a dog and I love him but I still advocate against one. Here are my top 5 reasons:

    1. They are like having a child. You need to feed, care for, walk, pick up after, etc.

    2. They are expensive. Shelter dogs are cheap at first but because they are usually porly bred they may often have undisclosed problems (hence our dog's bad knees and broken heart plus chronic ear infections). Routine appointments and medications are also expensive.

    3. You still have to take them out for potty and walk in the rain and snow. No staying inside for hours with a book and hot drink.

    4. Traveling can be a pain. Our dog is 10 pounds and we still have to find a sitter or a dog friendly hotel or ensure he's welcome at our friend's home (for each visit).

    5. You can't be late. If you always get home at 5; you can't decide to come home at 7 - your dog's bladder will be upset and so will your dog (he'll be VERY hungry!).

    I love Hunter very much but I never realized how much being a dog owner was like being a parent!