Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving Day/Radiation Day 7

warning: i'm so tired i may not finish this entry! when the tv show i was watching ended, my first thought was, "oh good, now it's 9:00 and i can take my melatonin and go to bed!" and then i was annoyed to discover that it was only 8:00. oh geez.

today was moving day, and what a fiasco. i could not have gotten through it without mom & john & andee's help! mom & john came with the u-haul truck, and we were amazingly efficient, loading all of my furniture into it in just one hour, all ready to drive it away...only to discover that the truck had a flat tire. that delayed us for THREE HOURS. in the 40-degree rain. the people on the phone kept saying the repair guy was "on his way," over and over, until john finally told them his daughter needed to get to her radiation appointment, and then the repair guy came in 15 minutes. yeah, i will totally play the cancer card! even after i called the cancer center to reschedule my radiation session for 2 hrs later than usual, we were still under a major time crunch to get everything done in time for me to drive that 30 mins to the hospital. we got all of my stuff into the storage unit and then brought an entire pick-up truck full of junk to the dump. it was overflowing, in fact, with so much junk that it cost me $58 to dispose of it all! at least 50% of it was crap left behind by my previous roommates and even the previous tenants of the apartments i've lived in, and it sure didn't help that the junk pile had been in the rain all day and the charge for trash is based on weight!

we finished with just minutes to spare, and i went to radiation totally water-logged and filthy. the techs sympathized with my ordeal today, and i joked at the end that i was off in search of more chocolate. i went into the dressing room to change out of that gown (which i still hate, btw), and when i came out, i was surprised to find one of the techs there with an open box of chocolate truffles, waiting for me. it was so sweet and unexpected, i didn't want to sound like a jerk by saying, "no thank you, i stopped eating refined sugar two months ago and now only eat dark chocolate with a cocoa content of above 70%," so i simply thanked her and took a milk chocolate truffle. and when i got in the car, i ate it and enjoyed it! it was only the size of a cherry, so i'm not going to feel guilty for it...especially because i spent the drive TO radiation gnawing on frozen cauliflower right from the bag, in a desperate attempt to get my daily quota of anti-cancer cruciferous vegetables - how sad is that??

now it really is 9:00 and i can start getting ready for bed.


  1. frozen cauliflower? gross! you totally deserve a sugary truffle! <3

  2. That was a Mental Health Truffle. No worries.

  3. Chocolate is health food. Mental health food.

    Will you be around this weekend? You don't have to be, but i'm just curious. If you want one of my comp tickets for the show, let me know! i have to tell them about it in advance :)