Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking for Help!

Hi, local friends...
If you didn’t already know, I’m moving at the end of the month!
Mar. 31, I’ll move most of my stuff to a storage unit here in town, then live with my parents for all of April during radiation.
May 1, I will move to a new apartment in the town I’m currently living in (this is a public blog, so I’m not posting the name, but you know!), either a studio apartment or into my friends’ apartment – not sure yet!

I’m overwhelmed by everything that I need to do in preparation, especially since I will be undergoing daily radiation treatments from approximately Mar. 22 to the first week of May and I don’t know yet how that is going to affect me, what side effects I’ll be dealing with, etc.

I would love, love, love your help. Tasks I need help with anytime between 9 am and 1 pm on Sat, Mar 13 and/or Thurs, Mar 18:

1. Help me figure out which of the stuff I’m getting rid of can be donated, and which stuff needs to be thrown out. You may take anything from this pile that you want!! (Random books, VHS, kitchen stuff, kids’ toys, clothes, art supplies, magazines, bikes, etc. Like a yard sale, but free).
2. Drive stuff to the dump with me (not bags of trash - broken electronics, tires, etc). I’ve never been, don’t know where it is and where everything goes, etc. Trucks would also be helpful, for bigger things like the half dozen bikes in the basement! Dump closes at noon on Saturday.
3. Drive stuff to the thrift store downtown.
4. Help me figure out the logistics of renting a storage unit, because I’ve never done it. Where is a good local place for this? If the fee is monthly, can I move stuff in Mar. 31, or do I have to wait until Apr. 1, and how do I do that if a new roommate will be moving her stuff IN to this room on Apr. 1 and my stuff HAS to be out by Mar. 31?? Should I rent a truck from the storage rental people? How do I know what size storage unit I’ll need? I’m guessing I will need to photograph my collection of boxes & furniture to determine that?

Between 9 and 1 on both days, I will provide bagels & cream cheese and coffee! :)

Anytime between now and Mar. 24:

I’d appreciate boxes from the Co op, of various sizes (the kind that close on both ends). You can drop them off on my porch!

March 31, ANYTIME:
I would be so grateful for all the help I can get to move my stuff to the storage unit, which will be somewhere here in town. I have furniture and need people with trucks! (Cars, too, for all the smaller stuff!)
I will have ice cream available all day.

If you have any availability on any of those days, even just 30 to 60 mins because it all helps, please let me know, and let me know which task you can help with. Also, I would so appreciate it if you could circulate this message to whoever you can think of who might be able to help... I can never keep track of who reads my blog and who doesn’t!



  1. zomg girl, i am not sure when i can come up but... did i hear the words "half dozen bicycles???"

    Adult bicycles? bmx? Road bike? mountain bike? Hell, i don't even care. I will come up and look at them. Especially if you think one of them might be suitable for an adult approx. 5'9". Optimally it would be a "boy" bike but really i don't think he cares as long as it's free... Hell, we could give you MONEY for a bike!

    also, if no one wants the bikes for actual riding use (or if they are damaged) i have a friend that builds bikes (recumbent, franken-bikes, bizarre things) and will gladly take them for parts. But seriously! Bikes? Of course we will help you get rid of them :)

    let me figure out my schedule otherwise and see when i can come up...

  2. hey Britta,
    i'm great at sorting and figuring out what to keep/throw...tuesdays are good, in the morning...

  3. Way to go Britta - asking for what you need. WooooHoooo! I'll be there in spirit. Very busy next couple of months.

    Love you

  4. Availing truck rental services, is less expensive than to move with yourself and buy a truck for you. Another advantage is that you're with your family in your moving day because the movers will organized it.

  5. Hey sweetie ... I might be able to help on the 18th. I'll try and let you know tomorrow!