Monday, March 22, 2010


The radiation oncologist wants me to STOP DRINKING CHICKWEED TEA!!! I gave them a list of supplements/herbs/vitamins I'm taking, and they said everything is fine to continue EXCEPT the Chickweed. This is preposterous. I asked the nurse why, and she couldn't even tell me - she said the doctor "looked it up" and decided that "something about it" would interfere with radiation.

Green Witch sisters, help me out!! What could possibly be wrong with CHICKWEED??? Radiation already sucks. Why are they attempting to get me to give up my plant best friend?!?


  1. Hey there ... that reaaaallly sucks. I responded on your FB before I saw this here. I don't really know much about how radiation works, but I find it hard to believe that a mild and nourishing herb such as Chickweed would interfere with the treatment to the extent that it should be avoided *entirely*.

    I'd ask again to find out what the specific issue is ... I mean, if you can drink coffee and other stuff that's maybe not super great for you, it seems odd to banish you sweet innocent lovely friend chickweed.

    If it turns out that there is some medical factor at play and it's best not to take it internally, maybe instead you can keep a pouch and work with it energetically, enjoy the aroma, etc. Or use for bathing! That would be awesome!

    Great photo , BTW. Good luck and give a call if you wanna talk through the herb stuff.


  2. thanks, anneka!! i'm meeting with the radiation oncologist tomorrow, so i will ask him to explain himself!! my guess is that he really doesn't know anything about chickweed, merely googled it and found something he didn't like, and banning my chickweed tea is just an overreaction. because yeah, they're not limiting my coffee intake or even asking me to stop taking my juice plus supplements,which are loaded with antioxidants...

    working with other forms of chickweed is a great idea!

  3. Chickweed is more like a food than a medicine, so this is kind of odd. I'd want specifics, too. Soon there will be fresh chickweed for salads. Maybe you should ask them about that, too.