Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, What a BEAUTIFUL Day!

I feel so good right now. I enjoyed work this morning, then went home for 20 minutes - long enough to open a surprise package from my friend Molly Kate and ooh and aah over the lovely thoughtful gifts inside, and then I went to pick up Cathryn and we had a trapeze lesson with Bronwyn! (Which was a bday gift from my awesome parents!) It was my first time on the bar in about a month and a half, is my guess...and I was SO HAPPY TO BE BACK!! Yes, trapezing 21 days after my last surgery and 4 days before my next... Stupid silly cancer can't stop me!!

There was only one trapeze trick that I did that resulted in me yelping "OOWW OWW MY BOOB!!" and scrambling off the bar, ha. That would be this one, the meathook. This is a photo of me doing a meathook on the OTHER side. :)

While I was trapezing, the hospital called my cell I scrambled off the bar to listen to someone from the surgery department give me the instructions for Tuesday: arrive at 7:30 am, don't eat after midnight, don't take vitamins, don't wear jewelry. Then I hung up the phone and got back on the bar!!

I am so lucky to have awesome friends who support me literally/physically, as well as emotionally!!

I was so, so happy today!!


  1. i love this post....and the first picture of you brought tears to my eyes. you look so happy!!

  2. it is good to be back where you belong. I felt it... you are feeling it too! I think you're glowing :)

  3. Wow! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great pictures. Keep 'em coming!