Monday, February 1, 2010

My Benefit Show...

Oh, I know I'm going to cry through this whole thing...
My amazing friends/NECCA family are holding a benefit show for me (TWO, actually, wow) on Feb. 13. Here's the info from NECCA's website -

Just for Love
A circus & variety show
February 13
4 & 7:30 pm
at the New England Center for Circus Arts
$12; $8 kids under 12

Professional performers from the local circus and dance community combine forces, presenting a family friendly pre-Valentine's Day Circus/variety show. Proceeds from the cabaret-style show are being donated to cover the needs of a beloved member of the local circus community recently diagnosed with cancer. Step right up and get your tickets here.

I am so excited, grateful, overwhelmed, touched, and did I mention grateful? And a little speechless. Wow.


  1. oh, hooray! i wish i could be there. i will be performing here in brooklyn that night and you will be in my thoughts. is there a way to support this benefit from afar?

  2. Britta, that is so perfect, and so amazing! I will be in Framingham, Mass. that whole weekend, so I very unfortunately can't be at your rockin' benefit. :(

    If there's a way that, like Megan asked, we could support the benefit without actually being there, can you let us know?

    Love ya, lady!