Sunday, February 21, 2010

Air Purifier?

Does anyone have an air purifier I could borrow until I move to a mold-free apartment?? My naturopath (A) thinks, and I agree, that the black mold in my apartment is negatively affecting my health, and stressing out my immune system. My immune system needs to be focusing on fighting the cancer, not mold. :( My ears are constantly blocked, and A looked in my ears and said my eardrums are some of the most retracted ones she has ever seen - my eustacian tubes (sorry, too lazy to look up the spelling) are not draining like they should be, as evidenced by my ridiculously huge tonsils.

So, I'm looking for an air purifier! Spread the word, pretty please, and thank you so much!


  1. Hi,

    Re: air purifier, how about Freecycle? I bet you could find one. I wonder, too, if you Googled "air purifier, cancer, donation" you might be able to find an organization that gives money to cancer survivors to buy things like that. I know The Ellie Fund does - for groceries, pet care, and gas for the car - but I believe you have to be in Massachusetts. Maybe Vermont has something like that.

    I totally agree about the mold. Yuck. Bad stuff. I once lived in a moldy apartment and I had a constant nasal drip, and got a lot of sinus infections.


  2. Sis,

    Why does your bonehead landlord not take care of the mold in your place? That is so illegal, and it's unjust to take money from people for rent without taking responsibility for providing them with a healthy living space in return. Can I help? Call me if you get a chance.

    Love you,