Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well, Percocet makes me babbly (at least in writing and in my head; it doesn't spill out of my mouth), but not sleepy. I took the full doses throughout the night and was pain-free, but hardly slept. The Percocet made me so relaxed that I didn't MIND lying there for 10 hours and only sleeping approximately 3, but ya know, my body NEEDS the sleep. Now I'm a little cranky. And I'm inquiring about whether there's a sleep aid I can safely take. I don't think I should attempt to drive the 45 mins home until A) I have slept a bit, and B) I have switched from Perc to a less intense OTC pain-reliever, or at least am between doses of Perc. I'm not sure yet if those conditions will be met today...or if I'll be here at my mom's another night!


  1. Why are you even thinking of driving home by yourself anyways? May we just come and pick you up? Call me - you have the number

    love and light


  2. thank you arlie...
    i'm going to spend another night here, i think. and my mom will drive me home if i still need help tomorrow! and my surgeon said it's okay to use benadryl to sleep. so i'm about to go do that.

  3. I hope you get some sleep, sweetheart. Stay with Mama Cindy as long as you need to. I'm sure she loves taking care of you. =) Feel my hug. xo --T

  4. T, i've had eshka every night, which i haven't done in years. hugs back.

  5. my first thought was exactly like arlie's! be easy on yourself! <3 you!

  6. zomg. get some sleep, then drive! you butt! :)

    (i would want to be home too. there is something sacred about *my* bed.)