Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starting the Day with a Laugh...

One of the breast cancer message boards I go to has a bunch of different folders to post in - Just Diagnosed, Surgery, Help Me Get Through Treatment, etc. One folder is Inspiring Stories. I was scrolling down the list of threads in that folder, and there were all kinds of inspiring stories about family members who had triumphed over breast cancer, stories of being cancer-free for years, miraculous healings, etc., with all of these breast cancer survivors cheering each other on. Stories of amazing doctors, and celebrities who raise money for breast cancer research, and promising new treatments, and stuff like that. And then, suddenly, I come across:

"PARROT SAVES CHILD!" Someone had posted a link to a Denver newspaper story about a parrot that saved a toddler from choking on a Pop-tart! WHAT?!? The randomness of it made me laugh so much I nearly spit out my coffee. The parrot's not even a breast cancer survivor or anything.

1 comment:

  1. I guess they thought that the folder was for ANY inspirational story! Gotta love whoever put that story up though, it's probably given quite a few people a good laugh!
    -Adriane xx