Tuesday, January 5, 2010

out of surgery!

hi everyone! this is britta's friend andee.

i got a call from britta's mom at 1:30pm saying that brit is out of surgery & in recovery. she is groggy, but the surgeon says the surgery went "very very well" and it took a lot less time than they thought it would. they were able to remove the entire lump and they also removed the first three nodes to analyze. on friday brit will find out the results on the nodes, but the surgeon says they "look healthy".

keep sending her healing sweet thoughts!

i'll post again if i hear anything new. xo


  1. Yea! Thanks for the good news, Andee. Looking forward to more good news soon!! Send our love along!

    Arlin and Kiki

  2. That's a big relief to hear! Yaaaaay Britta !!!

    Thanks Andee for the update.

  3. andee thank you!
    such great news, we are so glad to know! yayyy britta! xoxo cathryn & grace

  4. hooray! thanks for the update, andee, and we're sending very gentle hugs from the flatlands for everyone.

  5. Good news! thanks for keeping everyone informed. You too Cindy!

  6. Thanks for the update. Been thinking about her and sending positive thoughts and love all day. We love you, B!!!

  7. Thanks Andee! So glad to hear such good news!! Go Britta Go!! I've been thinking of you lots today and am sending lots of love your way!!!


  8. *applause*

    glad everything went well. Thanks Andee!