Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Okay, some funnies, before my blog gets too depressing!

#1 - A few days after my re-excision, when the incision on my breast was healing again, I went with my friend D to pick her 2-yr-old daughter R up at childcare. R & I were happy to see each other, and she wanted me to carry her... D said, "Britta has a boo-boo and can't pick you up today, but you can hold her hand on the way to the car. Let's all go downtown to Coffee Country!" So R held my hand, and said to me while we were walking, in her sweetest voice, "Bitta, I will hug and kiss your boo-boo when we get downtown!" HAHA! Luckily, she forgot about that by the time we actually got there, because I can only imagine trying to explain to a 2-yr-old that she can't hug and kiss my breast in a coffee shop. Or anywhere, really, but it was sweet of her to be concerned. :)

#2 - My niece is almost 4. When she was a baby and couldn't pronounce my name, she called me Ta-Ta, and it just stuck... it wasn't until recently that I realized how funny it is that her nickname for me is a slang term for breasts! But she really calls breasts "noo noos," back from her nursing days...
SO, her question recently was: "Why does Ta-Ta have a boo boo on her noo noo??"
HA! That could have been the name of my blog... The Boo Boo in Ta-Ta's Noo Noo.

There are a lot of children in my life, of various ages, and most of the children who know me well know that I'm dealing with breast cancer... It is a surreal experience to have an 8-year-old greet me with a hug and ask with such love and concern in her voice, "How are your breasts doing?"

I was thinking back to this funny babysitting moment from a couple years ago...
M, who was maybe 2 at the time and had only recently stopped nursing, one day pointed to my breasts and asked to nurse. "Sorry, M," I replied, "that's something you did with just Mama! And I don't have any milk in there!" Her 4-year-old sister, A, listened to me say this, and gave my breasts a long, suspicious look. "What DO you have in there?" she asked. I burst out laughing, for the tone of her voice made it sound like she suspected I'd been holding out on her all this time, and maybe my breasts had apple juice or something! I laughed and told her, "It's milk or nothing, A!" At the time, it cracked me up... it STILL does... but I also realized that actually, it's not "milk or nothing," for my cancerous tumor was probably close to 3/4 of a centimeter in size by that point. NOW, it kind of gives me pause to recall this moment when a small child stared at my breast-full-of-undetected-cancer and asked, "What's in there?" A, especially, is a child who has always been quite sensitive and wise, and in touch with the universe. When she asked her question, the look on her face made it clear that she thought there was something unusual about my breasts (which were covered by my shirt, just to be clear, so it's not like she had visuals to go by ;)), but maybe she wasn't at all thinking apple juice or chocolate milk. I wonder if she 'sensed' something, and it gives me goosebumps to think about.

Uh, wasn't I supposed to be writing FUNNY things? Oh dear!


  1. i have heard the "holding out/apple juice" story before, and it still makes me laugh!

  2. so many sweet stories! and even if a didn't sense that anything was wrong, she was right that there CAN be more things inside breasts than meet the eye -- something most of us don't realize. wow.