Monday, January 25, 2010

High as a Kite

Okay, this is a tad ridiculous. It's been 3 days since surgery and I am still high as a kite. After surgery, you're supposed to go home and rest, recover, take it easy, etc., right? Maybe take some pain meds and get extra sleep?

You wanna know how I spent these 3 days post-surgery?? I walked for over an hour, had dinner with a friend, had a 4-hour brunch with 4 friends the next morning and laughed so much I nearly peed my pants, had tea & played board games with 3 other friends for a couple more hours, had dreams about flying two nights in a row and woke up exuberant, wrote over 12 pages, cleaned 75% of the apartment and took out the trash and did laundry, had fun at work, did 5 pull-ups, started a sugar-free support group, secretly loved the "awful" rain today, sent a bunch of babbly voicemails and emails the way drunk people do, started outlining my book, hula-hooped to the Pink Glove Dance.... and then giggled on the phone when a nurse called with a phone survey about my surgical experience, answering no, no, no, when she asked if i am bleeding, or vomiting, or nauseous, or in pain.

NOOOO, I am not in pain or bleeding, I feel pretty darn FANTASTIC! I wake up in the morning like "OH SUNSHINE I LOOVEEE YOUUU!!!" and sing loudly in my car and can't stop babbling. I threw out all the sugar/candy/chocolate in the house and got really excited about a sweet potato, and I nearly hugged my boss today, and my scars DO look really beautiful, as does the rain, and guess what, I got a surprise check in the mail, along with a letter explaining that the IRS didn't give me enough money last year so here's a little more! FOR REAL!

What's going on?! Do I still have "happy juice" drugs in my veins?! Is that possible?? I always worry that because I have never had an alcoholic drink, or smoked a cigarette, or done drugs, and rarely take Western meds for anything, that when I DO end up taking meds, they effect me super strongly because my body's not used to it. Once after a root canal, with lots of novacaine, my dentist witnessed me walk into a wall as I attempted to leave, and then made me sit in the waiting room for 45 minutes till I was safe to drive. Once back in college, my professor added a bunch of wine to the cheese fondue and then I ate a cupful of cheese and spent the rest of the night giggling so hard I could barely stand, nevermind give a presentation like I was supposed to be doing. So am I still high on "happy juice," 3 days later??

Or maybe K cut the cancer out of my breast then filled the hole up with sunshine and sparkles instead. HAAAA!


  1. hehe i love this post sooooo much! (and i love YOU sooooo much too!) <3

  2. take it all, Britta! take it ALL!!!!so happy for you!!! love love love! Cathryn

  3. I totally agree with Cathryn! You deserve to feel happy!! Enjoy it!!

    I am sending you more sparkles and sunshine and happiness!!!


  4. thanks, cathryn and margot!! :)