Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 2 Post-Op

I slept for 8 consecutive hours! (With 2 Benadryls and 1 Percoset). Then I slept for 2 more!
Then I woke up for coffee, and while I drank it, I walked in circles around the kitchen. Because I was getting concerned about the possibility of bedsores and leg clots from all the resting. Am I being paranoid? Maybe I'll walk up and down the stairs a few more times.

Now that I have slept sufficiently, my agenda for today is:

* a shower: the discharge papers say I'm allowed to now, but they also say to let the tape that's covering my incisions fall off on its own, and I'm worried that a shower will make that happen faster than it should. Hmm. But it would be really, really nice to get the bits of blood and sticky residue off of me. When I was preparing to leave the hospital, taking off the gown and putting on my own clothes, I discovered multiple patches of sticky residue on my skin, as if I'd been totally covered in stickers...including a large area across my abdomen. Maybe I don't really want to know the details of what goes on in the OR??? Anyway, what ended up happening is that my flannel pajamas totally STUCK to my skin because of this, ew.

* a short walk in the fresh air, which I have not breathed since Tues eve

* an OTC pain reliever instead of Percoset (but the Perc can be for bedtime if necessary)

* return to Bratt this evening, after John or Austin check my car battery to make sure it's okay (the neighbors screwed it up the day before my surgery when they used my car to jumpstart theirs! GREAT TIMING). Mom will drive me in my car and Adriane will follow us to then drive Mom back home, so for you concerned friends, I will not be driving. ;)

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