Friday, January 22, 2010

chocolate mocha cherry cake!

the re-excision surgery went VERY well this morning! the whole thing was even easier than i thought it would be! the worst part was having to get up at 4:15 in the morning to get there, and not being allowed to have coffee pre-surgery like everyone else. but surgery was over by 8:15, and by 9 or so, i was enjoying a double mocha with my fam. :)

i didn't need general anesthesia this time, which made all the difference. i was conscious-but-very-relaxed-and-pain-free in the OR during the half hour surgery. a side effect of the sedation is memory loss of the OR time, so i only vaguely remember...bizarrely enough, it was kind of a happy time. K made me laugh a lot as usual, and the OR "team" was comprised of her favorite people, so they were all happy together, too. and K had sarah mclachlan playing, not even knowing sarah's my favorite, so that was happy, too! there was a drape over part of me so that i couldn't SEE K cutting my breast...and i couldn't feel any pain, but i did feel a bit of pressure and movement and it was okay. and i have vague memories of us talking about all kinds of HAPPY things, like cake, ice cream, reeces peanut butter cups, mocha joes, coffee, and other stuff i can't remember. maybe i'm making that up?!? i swear that's what my brain THINKS we talked about...ha! it's like waking up from a dream in the morning and remembering bits and pieces. and i remember feeling happy that my scar was beautiful?! what the...?? dunno where that came from. :) but the whole thing was totally a PIECE OF CAKE!

and i wasn't even a drugged-up zombie at the end of it, like i had feared! i was pretty coherent, and soon impatient to get out of the bed in post-op, and once i showed a nurse that i could safely walk up and down the hall a little, she took my IV out and let me get dressed. she insisted i still had to ride in the wheelchair to leave the hospital, even though i felt, whatever, i wore my ridiculously crazy pink hat and let my mom take me for a ride in the wheelchair. we went to au bon pain and john bought me a lovely mocha and a salad and it was nice. :) i was glad to have andee with me today, too. i felt so loved and cared for all around.

now it's 4 pm and technically i should be napping, considering i A) HAD SURGERY and B) HAD SURGERY ON ONLY 4 HOURS OF SLEEP, but for some reason my internet addiction is trumping my fatigue right now... haha.


  1. I love this post!!! Makes me happy. =) And how COOL that K had Sarah playing? That's amazing. I wonder how much of what you think happened REALLY did happen? LOL. Conscious sedation... a crazy and amazing thing. So glad this is behind you Britta. xoxo - T

  2. haha, i know! it's so weird to not be able to really remember it! i just emailed K a list of all the bizarrely happy things i remember, because i think it's cool that my brain made it happy even if maybe it wasn't. or something?? LOL i don't care if my brain made up the happy was a great way to go through surgery

    T, i just got your email - thanks so much! i will write back soon! XOXOXOXO

  3. Britta, thanks for the update! i think it's so funny that all (or almost all?) of your happy thoughts were about chocolate, pb and/or coffee! and ice cream!! that is hilarious! those things really do represent some kind of foundation of happiness! <3 you!! xoxo Cathryn

  4. omg me too! i haven't been able to sleep yet! i think i only slept for 2 hours last night-- three MAX. i am so tired that my eyes hurt but i just can't fall asleep. perhaps i'll take a warm shower and try to nap on the couch. i'm so glad i could be there with you today! xo

  5. i am so happy it went so well! my co-workers and i were kind of wondering how they would do this surgery without general anesthesia... but that whole "conscious sedation" thing sounds like it worked well!!!!! (a little too well maybe? LOL. i am kidding.)

    So, get some rest, and see you around soon :)

    (ps: is sarah your favorite? I thought debbie gibson was your favorite. I was trying to figure this out once re: music for an act for your benefit show. I should know my friends favorite bands.)

  6. LOL, cathryn! yes, it was pretty funny! for starters, i got the male resident kicked out, so that it was an all-female team in the OR! :) and now i am thinking, wait...i am remembering giggling with an OR team of women, while listening to sarah mclachlan music and chatting about all of my favorite sugar-y treats, and knowing my scar was beautiful...uh, did i just dream all of this up?? i'm curious to see if K emails back and says, "um, all of that stuff never happened!" :)

    andee, i love you! are you sleeping? i still haven't slept! CRAZY!

    thanks, steph! i had pain meds via IV pre-surgery, a local anesthetic probably injected into my breast (but i didn't feel that needle??), and a sedative via IV. it had a weird name that reminded me of the word "marzipan" but that's not it. :) K calls the combo "happy juice," and i guess she wasn't kidding!! ;)
    i had a drape so i couldn't see my breast, and they also strapped my legs down in two places so i wouldn't roll off the table! HAHA!
    what's odd is that i have very few VISUAL memories of the entire experience. i remember bits and pieces of our conversations, but i don't remember anything that i was seeing/looking at during surgery. just a vague recollection of the color blue.

    i have multiple favorite singers! debbie gibson is my "all-time favorite" because i've been following her music/career since i was ELEVEN! but sarah is a pretty close second, and i think she's the one i've seen in concert the most other than deb, and nowadays, i listen to her music more frequently than deb's. and i also love sophie b. hawkins and the dixie chicks. those are my top 4. i have an extensive "history" as a martina mcbride fan, and she'd be my #5, although i haven't stayed current with her music/career in recent years. ha, am i complicated or what??

    i can't believe i'm not asleep yet. surgery ended about 15 hrs ago and i haven't slept a wink yet. i don't even feel very TIRED. WTH??

  7. i was asleep by 9:30pm, & i slept for about 12 hours. my body really needed it! i hope you slept well too, finally! xo

  8. thanks, andee! i actually stayed up till 11 (!!!) and slept for 10 solid hours...i feel much better now.

  9. Hi Britta! I am glad that things went more smoothly this time and that you had a great OR team and got to talk about all things chocolate and wonderful! I hope you are healing and still feeling okay!!

    I am sending love and hope to be in Bratt soon!!