Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cape Trip

I was down on the Cape yesterday and today, enjoying some time with my family and getting some dental work done.

The novacaine lasted for FIVE HOURS. I spent the afternoon at my parents' house, waiting for the swelling and numbness to go away so that I could eat lunch then drive the 3.5 hours home, and the wait was hard. Opening my mouth hurt, but even closing it all the way hurt, so I ended up looking like a slack-jawed idiot for hours. I felt like such a slug, sitting in front of the TV with my fat, numb face... when normally at that time on a Tuesday, I would have been in yoga class! I sure did miss it today!!

Finally I gave up waiting for the novacaine to wear off, and packed some Chinese food leftovers to bring with me in the car, figuring I could just pull over somewhere to eat once I actually regained feeling in/control of the right side of my face. First I stopped by the beach before it got dark, to hang out with the full moon... and the beach was as soul-nourishing as always. You can see I'm much happier at the beach, even though my mouth is still a little weird!


  1. Sending you love and healing vibes!!

    xoxoxo Margot

  2. i think novacaine lasts longer these days, it's different somehow. the beach looks amaaaazing. at least you could smile with both sides of your mouth! i've been in such bad shape before that i could only lift 1 corner! weird, i'm telling you!:)xo cathryn

  3. I'm sorry i missed you while you were on Cape. Did you go to First Parish? I was away in Califonia so I haven't been for a few weeks...When you get back on Cape to visit, lemme know! Hugs, Cindy

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still goes home to the Cape for dental work :-P. Last time I was there I too ended up driving home with a sloppy face - have I been pulled over a cop would have been convinced I had been drinking!

  5. I recognize that beach....

    and I love you sister.