Monday, December 7, 2009

Forgive me!

Hi everyone!
Thank you all for the wonderful emails and voicemails and FB messages. I love hearing from you and I appreciate you all. I'm sorry I am not always able to respond to each message individually! I wish I could! And if I don't respond, or if it takes me a long time to respond, I promise that it is not personal, and it's not because you said or did anything wrong. It is because I am overwhelmingly busy at times, with things like:

- scheduling appointments
- emailing/calling my surgeon, nurse, hospital social worker, etc, to ask questions, get more details on my path report, update them on which vitamins i'm taking, etc
- talking with other breast cancer survivors
- talking with my insurance company, and regularly updating my income information so that my insurance continues
- talking with my various employers, to make changes to my schedule as necessary (due to upcoming surgery)
- doing the lengthy intake paperwork for Sojourns
- sleeping extra, so that i stay as healthy as possible before surgery
- thoroughly cleaning my room and the house, to prepare for the weeks after surgery when i won't be able to do so
- trying to find an inexpensive front-closure sports bra to wear after surgery, because i've been told i'll need it
- trying to get my xmas shopping, etc. done
- reading the STACKS AND STACKS of info all of the various doctors/hospital employees have given me - articles, pamphlets, copies of my tests, newsletters from BC survivor groups, financial aid info, and on and on
- researching BC even more, by reading books and websites and talking with other survivors, to make informed decisions about my treatment
- trying to get organized, by making a phone/email list of all of my different health care providers, getting a folder to put all of my medical records into, writing to-do lists and lists of questions i need to ask and who to direct these questions to, etc
- working as much as possible to make more money NOW in preparation for the weeks when i'll be unable to work
- Googling "foods high in potassium" and then grocery shopping for those foods, because my bloodwork showed that i'm low in potassium

It's a lot to be dealing with. So if I don't call you back or email you back, it doesn't mean I don't like you! I SWEAR! :)

Some of you have tried to leave comments on my blog and it hasn't worked. Blogger does seem to make it more complicated than it needs to be! It will ask you which "identity" you want to post with. If you are already logged into something like Google, go with that. But it may be easiest to just post as "anonymous" - but please sign your name so I know who you are! :) ALSO - when you first click the submit button, it will give you a PREVIEW of your comment, and won't actually post it until you AGAIN click "publish comment." Hope that helps!

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  1. i like the extra sleep plan! SO awesome. xoxoxo cathryn