Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Button-down shirts?

Hi friends.
I've been told (by the other BC survivors) that for a few weeks after my surgery, it will most likely hurt to raise my arms all the way above my head and I will be more comfortable wearing clothes that do not require that - e.g. shirts that button/snap/zip up the front. I think I only own about 3 button-down shirts, because I don't usually like them. Therefore, I would love to be able to borrow some button-down/front-closure shirts for the month of January! Does anyone have one/some that I could borrow?? My surgery is Jan. 5. My shirt size is 6 or Sm/Med, but it would be fine if the shirts were even bigger than that. Also, I'm in need of any pajamas that don't need to go over my head, such as nightgowns I could step into, one-piece suits, or button-front pajama tops! If you have any of those to loan, I would so appreciate it!

Leave me a comment here and I will email you with my address or we can make arrangements to meet, if you are close by.



  1. It would be nice this time of year to have some nice fleecy footy pajamas. Warm and cozy, easy to slip into, and darn cute, to boot. How tall are you? I'll check the closet ;^)


  2. Thanks, Arlie! :) I'm 5'3"! Kids clothes size 16 usually fit me. In fact, most of my jeans are boys 16... ha

  3. Sounds like a great excuse for another trip to the SA! xoxo Mom

  4. Brit -I got a GREAT pair of PJS from target last year for xmas from Nick and Nora. They are button down on the front and are really loose and comfy. If I remember they were about $15. If you want me to mail you one of my pairs you are more than welcome.