Monday, December 14, 2009


This is the 3rd evening in a row that I have felt nauseous. Thanks to my visit with the naturopath*, I'm now taking 27 supplements/vitamins per day.

4 Juice Plus capsules
1 Multivitamin
4 mushroom capsules
6 Green Tea extract capsules
10 Melatonin tablets (Yes, TEN...I think I got the wrong bottle)
4 drops of Vitamin D
3 Digestive Enzyme capsules

Hard to say which is making me nauseated, since I started taking them all at once. I'm hoping it stops once my body adjusts. I'm still trying to figure out a system for taking them all. JP have to be taken morning and night, mushrooms have to be on an empty stomach, multi needs to be on a full stomach, digestive enzymes have to be taken right before each meal, and melatonin has to be taken an hour before bed. I guess when to take the green tea and vitamin D is up to me. The amount of water I need to drink in order to swallow 10 melatonin tablets means that I end up waking up at like 2 am to go pee... sigh. Must look into getting higher dosage tablets to avoid this.

I bought a white board "Chore Chart" that has a weekly grid with spaces to write "chores" and magnetic stars to place in the boxes when you've completed the chores. Instead, I wrote the name and dosage of each supplement, and pile on the little stars when I swallow each...

*She is great, btw. My favorite quotes: "I think you should listen to your body if it's craving something!" & "I'm not going to micromanage your coffee intake!"


  1. i had to take lots of supplements when i was dealing with mercury detox. it was a full-time job to remember them all, eat a healing diet and get to my appointments! but i would say that if you can pinpoint which one is making you feel ick, out it goes!
    xo cathryn

  2. If I take vitamins and too much green tea too close together I feel nauseous. Or coffee + any strong supplement makes me feel nauseous. (Which is partially why I had to give up coffee, sadly.)

    But it's probably the whole combo of everything, I'm sure you'll adjust when your body gets used to taking it all.

  3. yes, cathryn, FT job is right! it now takes me a half hour in the mornings just to make my coffee (adding raw honey and cream), brew my chickweed tea, get a bowl of yogurt (adding xylitol) and something else for breakfast, get a glass of water, and organize/start taking all my daily supplements. i need to come up with a better system. because embarrassing as it is, i have started using paper plates just to avoid washing dishes, which would be one more annoying step.

    shayla, that's interesting! because i usually take 2 green tea capsules along with 2 juice plus capsules, my multi, and the digestive enzymes, along with breakast and while i'm drinking my coffee!! YIKES! that could explain it.

    the naturopath said that i would have to drink at least 10 cups per day of green tea in order to get a therapeutic dose, which is why she's having me swallow 6 green tea pills each day instead. but it costs $18.50 per bottle every 10 days. so maybe i could start drinking 5 concentrated cups of green tea a day save money AND to cut back on coffee...hmmm.

  4. Yipes, that's a lot to pay. Maybe try switching to decaf coffee? That way you get the yummy coffee flavor, but you're not on a caffeine overload which (along with all the vitamins) might be upsetting your stomach a bit.

    But even decaf is pretty acidic. :o/

    I take my green tea like coffee now, haha! Honey and cream. :oD (and I like to make it strong to accommodate that.)

  5. that's a good idea, shayla! thanks! i didn't realize green tea could have honey and cream in it... wow! now i'm actually excited to try drinking all of that green tea!