Thursday, November 19, 2009


Oh I feel SO good right now!! I went back to trapeze!! It was my first time back on the bar since being diagnosed with BC. I found out about the BC last Monday, and was too much of emotional mess to make it to class two days later, or to go to open studio the day after that. Then yesterday was class again, but I decided to go to the BC support group, which was at the same time. I'm glad I went, because I met a woman who told me all kinds of wonderful things about the surgeon I will be soon seeing, and that was reassuring. But you know, I don't think I need to KEEP going to that support group. NECCA is my support group. Trapeze is my therapy.

I went to open studio tonight, along with J, M, ML, and A, and had such a great time. I felt like ME again. I laughed and played, and I played HARD! I was determined to do a pullover angel again, which I hadn't even attempted since last spring, and after about 15 attempts, I DID it!! And I got my full mill circles back, and did catcher's lock roll up/down (my favorite trick ever), and did a bird's nest while spinning, until I felt sick and got the giggles. And best of all, I did back hip circles, which I had attempted a long time ago but had never been able to do successfully! I had been so worried lately about backsliding and losing my trapeze skills and confidence and strength, so it was such a relief to discover that I can still trapeze just as hard as ever. Successfully completing a new trick for the first time made it even better, because it meant I was actually progressing, not merely holding steady. I worked so hard on those back hip circles that my forearms were burning with pain and the bar scraped some hair off of my right arm, and my wrist is bruised from all the pullover angels, and I freakin LOVE IT. It's so good to be back.

Not only did I trapeze for a solid hour, I finished off the workout with 7 pull-ups! I WIN, CANCER!!


  1. You are AMAZING! My HEROINE! Congratulations on getting back to trapeze and for accomplishing the new trick. Wow! I'll have to come up to Brat sometime and see you in the air. I'm so happy for you Britta. Great that the MRI is out of the way. Glad Sue's Boob Blog could help. What IS it about docs not telling us about the contrast? Super dooper great that you've got the top notch gal at the hospital for your surgery. I feel so relieved that you're not having it done at Brat Memorial. We need cancer specialists. It sounds like you have wonderful support and that makes all the difference in the world. Glad I can be a part of it. I love you and look forward to our log cabin baking/creating adventure.


  2. P.S. Am I a breast cancer survivor? I just read your sidebar. I tell you, it's still weird to think that I'm a breast cancer survivor. ME? BREAST CANCER? What's up with that? So very odd. Today I feel 100% back to normal as if I never had cancer and isn't that a lovely thing? So grateful. You'll get there too Britta. I guess once a survivor always a survivor though, no matter how we feel. I understand what you mean about not needing to attend the support group. I felt that way at first. Then, when I had stressers specifically related to cancer it was really helpful to vent in a group of women who really knew what I was talking about. I go sometimes, when I can, but not every month. It feels good to stay connected. Even though I thought I didn't want to be one of THOSE people, it actually has been a comfort. Plus, in May we get to go on a free boat ride along the Connecticut River compliments of Rays of Hope!


  3. Way to kick the crap out of trapeze! I just did back hip circles for the first time too - they are so fun! I hope I can be in the air with you again soon :)