Monday, November 30, 2009

Speaking of Sleep...

Does anyone have any tips on how to train myself to sleep on my back, when I'm naturally a stomach-sleeper? I've been talking with other women who have had lumpectomies, and as I feared, I'm going to have to sleep on my back for a while during recovery. I've never been able to do this unless I take a sleeping pill, which is not a good long-term option. Even if I start out by lying on my back and getting myself super relaxed and even if I'm exhausted, there's always that final moment before dozing off when I automatically roll over onto my stomach.

HELP! I'm thinking maybe I should start practicing back-sleeping now, BEFORE surgery, so that I'll be used to it by the time I really need it.


  1. Hi, Britta I just had a lumpectomy and I am a side sleeper. They will tell you to wear a sports bra. Use down pillows to prop up your boob. Good luck to you.

  2. i tried to get used to sleeping on my back when i was pregnant with Miss G...but i never could, until my belly was too BIG for sleeping on my belly! i gave up trying ahead of time and just enjoyed sleeping however i felt comfortable, for as long as i could...then adjusted later... but i suppose that's how i always do things! oh well, that's not much in terms of advice, but there you have it :D cathryn

  3. Pillows on either side to keep you from rolling. But I'd say that if rolling over causes you pain post surgery, you'll probably stop doing it unconsciously after a while.

  4. thanks, pam...sports bra sounds good!

    cathryn, thanks for that perspective. that sounds wise - enjoying something good for as long as you can until you really HAVE to change it, instead of making yourself do something unpleasant before you really have to just to prepare yourself. HMMM. that could apply to a lot of things. i will think on that. :)

    and molly kate, that's a good point! hopefully the pain will make me stop rolling over anyway!!

  5. Hi Britta

    How about a combo? Pillows and sports bra, and sleeping sitting up, which is what I did for about a week I think. I propped myself up as if I were a queen with pillows under my arms and at my sides, below my knees, and supporting my neck and slept sitting upright so I didn't have to use any effort to keep my sleeping posture. You could even get one of those airplane neck pillow thingies if that would help.

    One thing to remember is it's temporary. Very. Sleeping pills are a nice addition too. They too, are temporary. Very. I never was one to take drugs (aside from my anti-depressants), but sleeping pills after surgery? Bring it on! Calcium/Magnesium helps sleep too. Getting enough rest is vital. No black cohash tea though - it has estrogen/like properties.

    Love you,