Friday, November 20, 2009

Lost count of the days...whatever.

So when I got the mail today, there was an envelope for me: "HEALTHCARE CLOSURE NOTICE." My heart dropped to my knees. My insurance company was claiming I didn't mail them my premium check this month, but I swear they never sent me a bill, because that's something I sure as hell would have paid immediately upon receiving it. The letter went on to say that if I pay in full by the end of the month, my coverage will continue. I immediately called VHAP to see how much I owed, and immediately wrote the check and put it in an envelope and addressed it and stamped it and got right back in the car to drive around town looking for one of those big blue mailboxes to put it in. Why is it that when you're not looking for them, they're everywhere, and when you're trying to find one, they're nowhere in sight? I was in such a panic. But now the check is in the mail and DEAR GOD, CONTINUE MY COVERAGE.


  1. yikes! i'm glad you were able to get it worked out!

  2. Insurance companies are shite! If you have it in writing that your coverage will be uninterrupted, then they can't make a case against you in court. Good job getting the check out fast. When the money is withdrawn from your account, print a copy of the check with their stamp on the back and the date (if you can) or a copy of your bank statement to verify that you paid the amount in full within the time limit.