Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today rocked! In chronological order:

1. Yummy 50-cent coffee while doing member hours at the Co op, and saw both E & A-with-baby-A while I was there
2. Awesome 2-hour yoga class (thanks, B!)
3. Surprise sidewalk visit with A, K, and Baby B, and Fraggle Rock DVDs
4. Got a new version of the Tao te Ching in the mail
5. Yummy grilled cheese sandwich for lunch
6. Set up a job interview for next week
7. Ran into A on the sidewalk for a quick chat 'n hug
8. Had a mocha and carrot cake with S at Mocha Joe's and laughed at funny memories
9. Got 45 mins of work done
10. Spent an hour PLAYING like a little kid, being so wild silly loud stupid goofy hyper giggly sweaty stinky ridiculous crazy happy!!! THANK YOU C, G, B, N! I sooooo needed that!

1 comment:

  1. You saw A's baby? Jealous!!!!

    i presume if they were both out at the co-op, they're doing great :)