Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 2

It was so surreal to wake up and realize, yup, still have cancer today, too. It's even more surreal to have learned that by the time a cancerous tumor has reached the size of one centimeter, it has been growing in your body for approximately 10 years already.

I had this evil little blob of cancer in my body during THIS?

I had cancer during THIS?



Part of me freaked out this morning and thought, "I can't go to trapeze class tomorrow! I have cancer!" But apparently, I have had cancer the ENTIRE TIME I have been doing trapeze. Right from the very first class, and all the way through last week's class. Last week, I did trapeze while having cancer. So why shouldn't I this week?

Soon enough, all of the procedures and treatments will begin. The MRI, genetic testing, sentinel node sampling, lumpectomy, radiation, and probably procedures I don't even know about yet. And yes, surgery will prevent me from doing trapeze for a while. And if, God forbid, I need chemo, that will probably prevent me from doing trapeze and LOTS of other things, for at least some period of time...

But right now, why SHOULDN'T I be doing trapeze, and running around town in goofy costumes, and hula-hooping in the rain, and going out with friends for double mochas with whipped cream?

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  1. I love you. You are so going to get through this. I just know it. I KNOW IT. These pictures of you are so beautiful and strong and you are such a bright and beautiful spirit that I know you are going to beat this. xoxoxo